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2 years ago Administrator

The FlagWar plugin has been updated for the survival server so that only two players of a town need to be online in order to declare a war. If you don’t have two people in your town (it’s just you) then you’ll need to grow your town before going on the offensive.


If you’re unfamiliar with FlagWar, you can read more about it on the page I linked. It allows people to “capture” other people’s land. The only thing on this page that’s inaccurate is that a one-player town can now defend itself but will be unable to start a war. The war flag is an oak fence.

I expect this Towny plugin to provide recourse for players against claims that are abusive or designed to “encircle” other towns.

I need to be made an administrator or at least a moderator so that I can lock outdated conversations like this (we no longer use towny).

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