Crackshot Tuning

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As you may know, Crackshot weapons have been kinda useless since their addition - besides the occasional usage of putty and the hunting rifle. With the aims of fixing them, I've recently gone through and updated their damage and certain aspects of how they function. A complete list of available weapon's values are available below.
For simplicity sake, weapon fire rate will be first displayed as the config does (ticks between shots) then converted to RPM.

Damage: was 4, now 8 9
Fire rate: 3 ticks between shots = 400 RPM
Projectile Speed: was 40, now 60

-Weapon has an under barrel grenade launcher; it has remained untouched until further testing can provide results on damage scaling.
-The weapon becomes 20% more accurate when crouched
-The weapon has a 25% critical hit chance, doubling its damage.

Damage: was 4, now 11
Fire rate: 9 ticks between shots = 133 RPM * 2 (dual wield) = 266 RPM
Projectile Speed: was 40, now 50.

-Weapon is dual wielded, reloading both at the same time takes 75% longer than reloading one at a time.
-The weapon is 100% more accurate while crouched
-Weapon has a backstab function, increasing damage by 5 when shot at somebody's back side.

Damage: was ~11, remains ~11
Fire rate: N/A
Projectile speed: was 10, remains 10

-The weapon was never really going to be great for killing people because it only shoots one shot at a time and can end up just killing yourself. So I've given it 400% more knockback to allow players to rocket jump with it.
-Weapon completely negates fall damage while held in main hand.

Hunting rifle:
Damage: was 16, now 19 (enough to almost one shot an unarmored player)
Fire rate: VERY SLOW (>1 per second) ~20 RPM
Projectile speed: was 1000, still 1000

-Weapon can zoom in, previously the zoom was negligible, now it is quite significant.
-Headshots with the weapon add 12 damage to a combined 31 damage.

Type 95:
Damage: was 3, now 6
Fire rate: 1 tick between shots in burst, 7 ticks between bursts. Fires three rounds per burst. 514 RPM
Projectile speed: was 40, now 70.

-fires in a three round burst.
-50% more accurate while crouched

Damage: was 4, now 9 8
Fire rate: 2 ticks between shots, 600 RPM
Projectile speed: was 40, still 40

-increased recoil
-greatly increased accuracy while crouched

That's all the changes I've made so far. If you think something is unbalanced let me know and I'll take a look at it. Keep in mind a large majority of players have prot 4 netherite armor, which provides 92.8% damage reduction. So if you want to find out how much damage these guns will do, multiply the damage number by .072. Eg 31 * .072 = 2.232. (not a lot)


2 years ago (edited by jwmphall 2 years ago) Administrator

Changes have been applied. Further input may follow

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