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I created a private conversation and less than 24 hours later it was pried into by the webmaster and permanently deleted. Not only is this flagrant abuse, this also shows a total lack of privacy. So called "private" conversations are able to be read by administrators and of course deleted at will. Not only is this unethical, but illegal. This forum simply isn't secure and all of your data is subject to viewing by the webmaster. It's possible he even used this website to download malware, spyware, and backdoors to your personal computer. This means it's likely the webmaster has every single piece of information present on your personal computer including passwords, nude photos, names, addresses, financial information, and more. All this goes to show somebody who's actually responsible needs to be inducted into the forum moderation team. I humbly nominate myself for this noble task. I must be promoted to moderator right this fucking instant so that I may right these horrific injustices and finally let the community's voice be heard. @Mosley you have to add me to the moderator role right away.


2 years ago Administrator

I deleted your private conversation because of the tags.

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